Roger Bagnall (Ancient History, New York University): ‘Solemnity and Play: the Mentality of the Smyrna Graffiti’

Paul Bertrand (Medieval History, Université de Louvain): Graffiti and ordinary writing in the Middle Ages

Alain Delattre (Coptic, Greek, Papyrology, Université libre de Bruxelles): ‘Local cults, pilgrimages and religious life. Christian inscriptions in the Theban Mountain’

Glen Dudbridge (Chinese literature and culture, Oxford University): ‘Verses on walls in medieval China’

Elizabeth Frood (Egyptology, Oxford University): Temple Graffiti in Ancient Egypt and Karnak.

Susanna Gebhardt (Early Modern England, Université de Genève): ‘Early Modern Wall-Writing’

Omur Harmansah (Western Asian Archaeology, Brown University/ University of Texas, Austin): ‘Miraculous Image and The Living Rock: Event and Deep Time at Anatolian Rock Reliefs’

Frédéric Imbert (Epigraphie arabe et islamique, Université d’Aix en Provence): ‘Islamic graffiti in Arabia during the two first centuries of Islam’

Cornelia Kleinitz (African Archaeology): ‘Writing and image making practices in the Meroitic world: contextualizing the graffiti of Musawwarat es Sufra, Sudan’

Michael MacDonald (Ancient Arabia, Syria and Jordan, Oxford University): ‘The Nabataean and Ancient North Arabian graffiti: their use, function and distribution’

Hana Navratilova (Egyptology, Metropolitan Museum of Arts): Visitors graffiti in Ancient Egypt and the Memphite necropoleis

Elisabeth Olton (Maya history, University of New Mexico): A Witness to History: Classic Maya Graffiti from Tikal, Guatemala

Chloe Ragazzoli (Oxford, Egyptian scribal culture): Conference Convenor

Richard Salomon (Ancient India, University of Washington): ‘Pilgrims, sailors and calligraphers: graffiti in the Indian world and beyond’. NB: R. Salomon will also (and separately) present his reflexion about pioneers’ graffiti in North America.

Karen Stern (Jews history in the Graeco-Roman world, Brooklyn College): Methods to their madness? Deciphering mortuary graffiti of ancient Jews and their Levantine neighbours

Pierre Tallet (Egyptology, Université de Paris-Sorbonne): ‘Desert inscriptions in Ancient Egypt: the example of Sinai’

Chairs and Discussants:

Prof. John Baines (Egyptology)
Dr. Jennifer Baird (Roman Archaeology)
Dr. Fredrik Hagen (Egyptology)
Dr. Christian Jacob (Anthropology)
Dr. Bryan Ward-Perkins (Late Roman History)