Session 1


Session 1: Appropriation of sacred space and shaping of natural landscape 

Session chairs: F. Hagen (morning), E. Frood (afternoon)

9-9.30: Registration

9.30-10.00: Welcome and introduction

10.00-10.45: C. Kleinitz (Berlin)

Writing and image making practices in the Meroitic world: contextualizing the graffiti of Musawwarat es Sufra, Sudan’

10.45-11.15: Morning coffee

11.15-12.00: E. Frood (Oxford)

‘Graffito as performance? Graffiti-writing and personal, ritual practice in Egyptian temples.’

12.00-12.45: A. Delattre (Bruxelles)

‘Local cults, pilgrimages and religious life. Christian inscriptions in the Theban Mountain’

12.45-13.15: Conclusions

13.15-14.15: Lunch

14.15-15.00: P. Tallet (Paris)

‘Desert inscriptions in Ancient Egypt : fieldwork in mining and expedition sites’

15.00-15.45: O. Harmansah (Brown)

‘Miraculous Image and The Living Rock: Event and Deep Time at Anatolian Rock Reliefs’

15.45-16.15: Afternoon Tea

16.15-17.00: M. MacDonald (Oxford)

‘Lapidarias litteras Scio: literacy, graffiti, and their uses in twon and deserts of pre-islamic Arabia’

17.00-17.30: Conclusions

19.00: Drinks Reception, in conversation with Richard Salomon on ‘American graffiti’ and his forty years of collecting.