Session 2


Session 2: Testimonies of literacy, learned practices and sociabilities

Chairs: J. Baines (morning), B. Ward-Perkins (afternoon)9.15-10.00: R. Bagnall (New York)

Solemnity and Play: the Mentality of the Smyrna Graffiti’

10.00-10.45: E. Olton (Alburquerque)

‘A Witness to History: Classic Maya Graffiti from Tikal, Guatemala’

10.45-11.15: Morning coffee

11.15-12.00: R. Salomon (Seattle)

‘Pilgrims, sailors and calligraphers: graffiti in the Indian world and beyond’.

12.00-12.30: Conclusions

12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-14.15: G. Dudbridge (Oxford)

 ‘Verses on walls in medieval China’

14.15-15.00: P. Bertrand (Louvain)

Graffiti and ordinary writing in the Middle Ages

15.00-15.30: Afternoon tea

15.30-16.15: S. Gebhardt (Geneva)

 ‘Early Modern Wall-Writing’

16.15-16.45: Conclusions

18.30-19.00: Trip to Corpus Christi College

19.00: Conference Dinner