Session 3


Session 3: Travellers, visitors, pilgrims & graffiti

Session chairs: F. Hagen (morning), Chloe Ragazzoli and Elizabeth Frood (afternoon)9.15-10.00: F. Imbert (Aix-en-Provence)

Arabic graffiti in the Middle East: A Return to the first hours of Islam’

10.00-10.45: H. Navratilova (Metropolitan Museum)

‘Visitors graffiti in Ancient Egypt and the Memphite necropoleis’

10.45-11.15: Morning coffee

11.15-12.00: K. Stern (Brooklyn)

‘Methods to their madness? Deciphering mortuary graffiti of ancient Jews and their Levantine neighbors’

12.00-12.30: Conclusion

12.30-13.30: Lunch

Afternoon session (by invitation)Round table of speakers and discussants.

13.30-15.00: conclusions: what definitions can be offered for ‘graffiti’? Publication plans.

15.00-17.00: technical discussions on recording techniques and publications methods for graffiti etc. including a  demonstration  of D-Stretch (colours enhancer software) by R. Enmarch demonstration of RTI (Reflectance transformation imaging) by K. Piquette et C. Kleinitz.